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The Care for Yourself Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (IA BCCEDP) is part of a national program that helps reduce deaths from breast and cervical cancer and heart disease. To reduce your risk, you must have regular screening tests.


The Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (BCCEDP) is the first national chronic disease prevention program sponsored by the federal government. The Iowa Care for Yourself  Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program exists to increase the number of women age 50 - 64 who are screened for breast and cervical cancer.  Siouxland District Health Department coordinates this program locally and across neighboring counties by providing enrollment and case management services.


If the Care for Yourself program is right for you, our program staff can help you schedule: clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exams, and Pap tests. If the tests you receive through the Care for Yourself  Program show you have breast or cervical cancer, our staff will help you find treatment.



You must reside in Woodbury, Plymouth, Cherokee, Sioux, Lyon, O’Brien and Ida counties in Iowa.



·     40 years or older

·     Under 40 with breast cancer symptoms



·     At or below 250% of the federal poverty level



·     No health insurance, OR

·     Insurance that does not cover these services, OR

·     Unable to pay the co-payment or have a high deductible, OR

·     No Medicare Part B coverage


Services Available

·     Clinical breast exam

·     Mammogram

·     Pap test

·     Pelvic exam


You may be able to receive referral for breast and cervical cancer treatment coverage should be diagnosed with cancer or a pre-cancerous condition.  Program staff can assist you with this process.


Seven Important Ways to Take Care of Your Health

  1. Do a monthly self breast exam.
  2. Have a regular Pap test, pelvic exam, and clinical breast exam.
  3. Have a mammogram each year starting at age 40.
  4. Stop smoking.
  5. Have your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose checked regularly.  Know your numbers!
  6. Eat heart healthy foods.
  7. Be active most days of the week.


Click here to view more information on the Care For Yourself Program at the Iowa Department of Public Health website.